Choose Link Quality Over Link Quantity

Article submitted by Erik M. Cunningham - May 22, 2007

The Link Building Dream

In a perfect world (wide web), your site would be blessed with dozens of high quality inbound links from related .org websites that send you qualified click-through traffic while boosting your site's search engine rankings. The sites providing you with these high quality links would do this out of the goodness of their hearts and an altruistic desire to make the web more useful to the public.

All you would have to do is shoot a friendly email over to the sites' webmasters and it would be a done deal. Link building would be fun, the lion would lay down with the lamb, Santa Claus is real, blah blah blah...

The Harsh Reality

Enter reality. Your highly relevant, carefully researched and hand-picked link partnership email requests are automatically sent to webmasters' junkmail inboxes and lost among the thousands of spam link exchange requests generated by software programs using both legal and illegal email mailing lists. The majority of website owners have little or no understanding about the benefits of link partnerships and assume that any cooperative search engine marketing efforts with their "competition" will spell certain doom for their Internet businesses.

No one links to anyone unless they're getting something in return. Google's PageRank rules the Internet universe. Stinging locust populate the earth, the tooth fairy kills you if you look at her, etc., etc..

Post Apocalyptic Link Building

The use of link building as an organic search engine marketing strategy is not an easy task. Webmasters are wary, communication is difficult and spammers abound. Given the difficulty of establishing reciprocal link building and inbound link building partnerships, the best thing to do is to choose quality over quantity.

Find link partners whose websites have content closely related to yours, especially in your geographic area. Speak with webmasters and web content managers on the phone to establish long term relationships based on trust and cooperation.

Be an active member in your industry's Internet community and share ideas to improve your industry as well as the results of your Internet marketing efforts. And finally, work on the quality of your website content from a search engine marketing standpoint to make it more attractive to potential link partners.


Link building takes a lot of effort, so work smarter and not harder by choosing quality over quantity when it comes to link partners. You'll see the same if not better results in your site's search engine rankings and create valuable industry networking opportunities along the way.